Monday, May 20, 2013

Let Spring be in your home

The winter is finally leaving which can only mean one thing; spring is here. No more waking up in the dark to cold winds and snowy mornings, no more leafless trees or overcast days. Spring is flowers, colours, new life and new growth. Spring is the time when the days are getting longer, the light is getting brighter and colour starts to come back into the world after a long sleep. This is not something only happening in the park, in the woods or in your garden. Open those windows, let in the fresh air, and make use of some home makeover tips to bring spring into your home.


This is the ideal time to brighten up the walls around your house with a wall or two of colour. Painting the walls can seem like a daunting job at first but with some careful planning, good dust sheets and some patience even more ambitious tasks can be undertaken by most people. Be adventurous and go for the colours you like. Remember if it doesn't work out, you can always paint it back to its original colour.

Bringing lots of colour into the house doesn't necessarily mean it has to be on the walls. Why not get yourself a colourful rug for the floor? This can often bring a refreshing change and new look to any room that is looking tired after the winter. Rugs collection not to be missed. It won't cost as much and isn't as disruptive and time consuming as painting can be and the best part is that when you fancy a change you can put it in another room or store it away for the next year. Pick your colour carefully as that white rug which seemed like a good idea in the shop will soon lose that fresh look once the kids and muddy dogs have been playing on it.

If you would like to get more light into your home try removing those winter curtains and replacing them with blinds. Heavy curtains are great at keeping in the heat during those months when it's needed but they are also very good at blocking the light. Installing a lighter coloured blind will allow your windows to let in the maximum amount of light they can while still giving you the privacy your need.

Even the smaller things can give you a fresh look for the new season. In the kitchen you could get a new fruity tablecloth with matching tea towels or surprise those dinner guests with some bright cotton napkins. In the living room make the sofa look like new with a colourful sheet thrown over it or perhaps bring in the flowers with a floral lampshade. A vibrant painting is also a great way to change a wall without the hassle of painting and decorating. In the bedroom why not get lively or floral bed covers. You could also get some dried flowers such as lavender which will look great and give a beautiful spring aroma for all the season.

Whether it's a big job like painting your walls or just simply replacing the smaller household furnishings there is always an easy way to brighten up your home. It doesn't have to cost a lot and with some simple advice you can achieve that fresh look. Remember be bold, be brave, because the spring is.

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  1. I'm trying to get my house in the spring spirit, but I'm a little stuck. I decided I want to go with Comfortex cellular shades but I can't decide what color! My warm weather bed spread has a nice lavendar in it, but I wanted to go with something a little different. Any blues that will work while being springy?


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