Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Details are the Soul of Our Resting Place

Most children like staying up as late as possible. Going to bed is usually a waste of their precious time that should only be filled with adventures and important games. As we grow older, though, our beds slowly become our very dear friends.

We love our bedrooms because:
  • They keep us away from outside, everyday problems
  • They help us rest and find peace
  • They are as close to a sanctuary as we’ll find
  • Ideally, they are full of charming details that have certain powers over us
Bedroom item number one:
Certainly, the most important element in our resting place is the bed. If the bed is not comfortable or big enough, our body will suffer during sleep, which will not only have negative consequences on our spine in the long-run, but it will probably result in a cranky mood the next day, or the impossibility to achieve some daily goal.

Comfortable mattress, large enough bed and clean, soft sheets are prerequisite for a healthy rest. When you've got that, what's next? It would be wise to style your bedroom according to your aesthetic.

The power of charming details:
  1. Walls are the most obvious “detail” in a room. Avoid dramatic wall paint colours for your bedroom, but experiment with unusual shades that are warm and exciting at the same time. Blue, red, green and purple are some popular choices.

  2. If your wall colour is sort of eccentric, you shouldn’t overcrowd the walls with fancy decoration. However, if you chose soft, hushed wall tones, you should come up with interesting-looking wall ornaments: different-shaped mirrors, posters, shelves with books or nice sculptures, etc.

  3. Pay attention to lighting in your bedroom. Choose soft, sea-through curtains that hush the light coming in and bathe your room in a darker, more sensual shade of the prevailing colours.

  4. Bedroom lamps serve the purpose of providing dimmed lights and of being a nice, decorative element. There are many different lamp styles, it can be so much fun choosing among them. Check out some at Lighting Direct Shop. Also, there are a lot of tutorials online on how to make a lamp yourself, so that’s another option for the creative types.

  5. The power of photos with unique frames (vintage-looking, silver and modern, painted with flowers or colorful geometrical shapes) is not only in their visual beauty, but in their significance. They bring back happy memories when we need them. They should be placed on walls, wall shelves, or on the night stand.

  6. People warn against having too many plants in one’s bedroom, because of the oxygen production at night, but a nice plant in a charmingly painted pot can certainly add to the beauty and peacefulness of your resting area.
These are some of the most common details you will find in a bedroom. People who are more skilled at decorating often think of unique, fresh ways to use ordinary pieces of furniture or ornaments in unusual ways. It’s alright if you don’t have this talent. The important thing is to adorn your bedroom with things that will affect you in a soothing, positive way.

Remember to keep away from noise, aggressive lighting, piles of messy clothes lying around the room and similar things that would be in the way of your resting time.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

When Less is More: Adding Modern Simplicity to Your Decorating

Minimalism has been a part of the decorating process for decades. Keeping a home simple is often the best way to improve the look and mood of every room. Many people assume that more is better.However, there is a certain challenge that comes along with minimalist decorations. When there are less objects in a room, then the effect of those objects is amplified. A cluttered room is too much for the senses to handle. A beautiful white vase would simply disappear if the walls and tables were filled with strange decorations.

Staying Clean And Simple:
A simple room can create a special mood, while clutter will often create a stressful living space. Clutter overwhelms the senses and creates aesthetic confusion. In most decorating cases, less is much more. A clean and simple living space creates a peaceful environment. It is a good idea to conceal the clutter in your home through the efficient use of closet and cabinet space. A simple home is easier to live in and enjoy.
The Use Of Color:
A minimalist design should also incorporate the colors of the home. Too many strong colors can seem very oppressive. Try using one color in repetition. For instance, white walls and white furniture are easy on the mind. Feel free to use different textures and tones of the same color. This creates a certain amount of variety without being too overwhelming. If you feel the need to use multiple colors, then it is important that you create a certain pattern with those colors. Try to repeat this pattern throughout the home. This will give strength to a multicolored home.

Focus Your Home:
The most fun aspect of a minimalist d├ęcor is the use of objects. You can make an entire room revolve around one piece of furniture. For instance, all of the decorations in the living room can be arranged to compliment a chair or couch. You should think of any room as if it were separated into straight lines, both vertically and horizontally. Any room can be organized in a symmetrical way. Minimalism and symmetry help to keep a room focused. Roller blinds can be used to keep the windows clean and organized at all times.

The home decorating process is one of the most exciting aspects of being a home owner. This process is entirely up to you. Keep these simple tips in mind to discover first hand how simplicity can focus and strengthen your own unique decorating ideas.
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