Friday, December 21, 2012

Tips In Fixing Closet Doors

Have you ever had a sliding closet door come off the track in your hand and you don’t know what to do? This article will help to explain how simple it is to correct the problem and make the repairs yourself so there is no reason to hire a repairman.

There are a few items that you will need to collect before starting on this project. You will also need to wear a facemask and protective glasses to keep you from inhaling dirt or dust. The items you will need are not complicated and they are usually found in every household. These items are: Screwdrivers, a flashlight to help you get the brightest light you can, a vacuum cleaner to clean up dust and WD-40 to help with the squeaky door and help the door slide on the track easily.

Once the problem has been determined it is time to get to work. There can be many reasons why the doors are not sliding easily and smoothly:
The most common cause of this problem is that there is a build up of dust and dirt that causes there to be fuzz stuck on the wheels. Once it is found the fuzz can be easily removed with your fingers. The guide of the closet doors can have many things get stuck in there. Be sure that the guide is empty and free of dirt. The screwdriver can make a good tool to scrape dirt out of the track.

 Keep scraping until the blade of the screwdriver comes out clean. If the doors are still not sliding smoothly you can spray some WD-40 on the wheels of the door. This will help the wheels slide and will also penetrate the dirt and dust that has built up on the track.

You will find that the doors for the closet will also drop down from the top clips of the doors. With the screwdriver it is possible to tighten these hangers. Once the hangers are tightened the doors can be tightened and put back where they belong.

Having the floors replaced can cause the track to bend and no longer be straight. Once again the screwdriver comes in handy. Using the screwdriver you should be able to put the track back where it was originally placed.

After following the steps listed above your doors should now be sliding and moving just like they are brand new again. For more information visit InteriorDoorandCloset

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Putting You Back Into Your Home

photo credit: Avia Venefica via photopin 

 It’s easy to get lost in the world of DIY interior design with limitless knick knacks calling your name. Keep in mind that the best accents in your home are direct reflections of you and your passions. Beginning a tradition of picking up a keepsake on trips is a great way to start collecting conversation starters that actually mean something. This doesn’t mean that you need to budget in expensive decorating items on every trip. Something as minor as a hand-woven banana leaf picture frame from your trip to Central America is a fantastic piece that no department store can match. Consider this an optional (and very fun) homework assignment from here on out. 
Until then, check out these tips for bringing you back into your home.

Spend Money Where it Counts: 

We all have hot button items that fire us up. Some of us have a penchant for safe cookware and others are nurturing a lifelong love affair with first edition books. If it’s in the budget, allow yourself to splurge only on the items that are really close to your heart and show them off. A pot rack in the kitchen for that copper set is a stunning centerpiece. However, for all of the other items, there’s no need to overspend. Luckily for us non-celebs, the trend of distressed high-quality furniture looks like it’s here to stay. If you want to freshen up your home, start scouring second-hand stores, flea markets, and garage sales. Opt for items that are solid-wood and well-made. 

Your Best Decoration is Outside:

Lighting can make a world of difference. The right light can completely change the ambiance of a room and the mood of those in it. If you already have access to natural light, never cover it up with heavy curtains or furniture. It’s the best (and free) decorating you have at your disposal. Not all of us are lucky enough to live in a home with plenty of natural light. Choose lamps instead of overhead lights to create a homier environment. Selecting floor lamps with adjustable features is your best bet. Positioning a lamp upward towards the ceiling provides a softer light.
 A New Room for $100:

The most affordable way to completely change the look of any room is with a DIY paint job. Drastically changing shades can mean an instant transformation. Select high-quality paint and carefully mark off the edges with painter’s tape. Remember that matte, glossy, and semi-glossy is just as important of a consideration as the color. If it’s not in the budget to purchase anything beyond the paint, rearranging the furniture instead of buying new pieces can complete the makeover. Try out some new angles and placement. Experiment with feng shui. Put the couch in the middle of the room instead of against the wall and see how that changes your perspective on things. The point is, changing your home’s interior doesn’t have to cost a fortune. From painting to making a new seating arrangement to adding a well-placed personal keepsake, let your home’s look develop organically.

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