Monday, June 25, 2012

Transform Your Home Into A Dream Home

Your home is your paradise. It is where you wake up in the morning, it is where you come after a long day or work or school. It is where you create special memories on birthdays, holidays and anniversaries. If your home is not what you wish it was, read on for some tips on transforming your house into your dream home.


First decide how much money you are willing to spend on home decorations or renovations. If you only have a small amount of money to spend or no money at all, consider saving for some time to generate enough money to spend on your home. Alternatively, you can make small changes or perform the labor yourself, if you know how.

Ask for Help

If you want to change the appearance of your home but do not have a clue has to where to start, consider hiring a professional interior decorator. He or she can help you decide what changes would be the most cost efficient and would add the most value to your home. Also, consider asking family and friends if they have any suggestions, especially if they have recently made changes to their homes.

Shop Around
Look around for the best deals on furniture, supplies, appliances and other home decor items. Do not be fooled into thinking you can only buy quality items at large and expensive department stores. You can also look in Wal-Mart, online,, estate sales, used furniture stores and arts and crafts sales. Save time and money by browsing online for items, instead of driving to the store, to get an idea of the available products at and

Make Small Changes, One At A Time

Avoid biting off more than you can chew when it comes to home improvement. This can lead to frustration, loss of money, aggravation and a totally destroyed home. Before you start, make sure you will be able to complete the task within a reasonable amount of time and can finance its completion. Also, make sure it is appropriate for the rest of the occupants of the house. For example, in a home with a mother, father and four children, it is not a good idea to completely remodel an entire kitchen during the school year. This can make daily activities, like eating breakfast and dinner, very difficult. Instead start small, for example replacing one appliance at a time or repainting the walls.

Start With One Room

Choose one room in the house to remodel. It might be a good idea to choose the most frequently-used room of the house, the messiest or the biggest. Usually, updating a kitchen is the most efficient and cost-worthy project. Turn your kitchen into your dream kitchen by updating appliances, repainting dirty walls or adding a hardwood floor.

Remodel Your Bathroom

The bathroom is a place of relaxation, rejuvenation and freshness. For most people, it is where you begin the day with a hot shower. Changes to a bathroom can be as simple as replacing a fixed shower head with a handheld one with built-in massage features. If you have more time and resources, you can add a new bathtub over your existing one, replace fixtures and tile the floor for a finished look. This investment is always worth it because the bathroom is used every day.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Creating an Inspiring Mood Matching Scented Candles and Color

Summer is the time of to redesign and renovate your home, so what mood do you want to create? There are lots of possibilities for the type mood you are looking for and what elements of decor you can use to achieve it.  Inspiration comes from an uplifting feeling that can be produced in your home by matching color with scented candles that highlight the feelings that color inspires.

Whether we realize it or not, color is big sensory stimulant.  Without getting into color theory there are few basic examples of how colors work to create the mood of your environment.  The color blue is often associated with cold and calm, as well.  Many people describe a cooling sensation when being in a blue room for a period of time, or can also experience a feeling of relaxation.  Usually the information on a scented candles label will give a description of the therapeutic or mood elements of the scent.
Depending on the season, blue can have a slightly different affect.  In the winter, you are more likely to have a cold sensation in a blue room, and during the summer when it’s hot, it may have a pleasing cooling affect.  So if you live in the North East, you may want to explore some warmer colors to balance with the weather, but in Florida it may be just the thing to combat the heat.

OK, we get the idea of how color can affect the mood of the room and what effect it may have on the occupants.  For now let’s focus on warm/cozy and cool/refreshing as the moods we want to achieve.  With the picture of the bright and refreshing blue children’s room above, there is a very summer quality happening.  Yellow is categorized as a warm color as opposed to blue, and it goes well with the opposing color, because it can be associated with the sun and further compliment the summer atmosphere.  The yellow and blue used here creates a nice balance of mood.
Scents can stimulate your mood almost instantaneously.  For a refreshing an invigorating scent, orange and lemon scents can illicit an extremely positive mood.  Orange stimulates a sense of well-being and clarity.  Similar citrus scents, like lemon and lime also are favorable for creating a refreshing room. One of favorite refreshing scents is peach, and peach cobbler is great for the warmer/cozier moods.

Speaking of warm and cozy, let’s say you live in a colder climate, and you want to warm up the room with some deeper colors and a bit of warm spiced scents to increase the comfort level. Apple cinnamon is a reminder of fall and the holidays.  I think of Thanks Giving in particular, a time of gathering in the family home and the beginning of the warm spiced aromas of the cooling season.  Deep mahogany, maroon, brown suede, copper, and bronze hues are great ways to create a warm and cozy mood; they each work individually, or different hues can also work nicely together.
There are some delicious scented candle combinations that would accent a room like the one above quite nicely.  Candy corn, which has a sweet vanilla aroma, would be nice. Check out blueberry muffin, banana nut bread, or even butter rum; these may induce you to eat a candle, though.  These tastes and colors together make me want to be in front of a fireplace with a coffee and good book, and that’s the point.

No matter what your tastes or needs are, use your instincts to make your mood match the decor.  Find what combinations inspire the feeling you are looking for by starting with the scented candles.  Chances are your sense of smell will guide you in your search for a matching color.  Smells are very stimulating, and you can always test out a hundred different candles, but you can’t paint your room a hundred times, or at least you wouldn’t want to.

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