Guest Post

Home Interior Tips blog is now accepting guest but before sending me your guest post. Please follow these below guidelines.
  1. Think like a reader.
  2. Be Unique.
  3. Content Must be informative and must follow the topic home interior.
  4. Well Written with images.
  5. You can add 1 link to your site in this.
  6. Send Your Post with HTML code and in .txt file.
  7. Don't send me your posts in word doc.
  8. Post Must Contain images with their sources.
  9. Commercial Links in guest posts are not allowed. If I found any commercial site link in guest post,I will consider this as sponsored post.
  10. I will try to reply all emails, that's why have patience once you email me if your email is not in spam you will be informed about your post approval or rejection.
  11. Your topics must be related to Home Interior decoration, so don't ask me in emails about topic selection.
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