Thursday, February 14, 2013

How to create a Vintage Living Room

Transforming your living room to give it a vintage feel can give your space that wow factor, without spending the big bucks. Why is this design such a money saver? Well it does not call for cutting edge d├ęcor or expensive furnishing. It requires only a touch of paint on the walls, getting the right accessories and furniture and laying them out in an appropriate manner. Most of the items needed are easily available at a thrift shop, you can find great pieces a low prices for your vintage room. Caution should however be exercised. It is important to establish a balance that not only brings out the vintage vibe but also a vintage theme that mirrors your personality. To achieve this effect, there are a number of factors to put into consideration.

As mentioned above, it is not necessary to employ expensive furnishing or furniture.Great antique furniture can be found in thrift shops. Antiques are an excellent choice.Antique coffee tables, night stands and end tables are some of the items of furniture that may be used to achieve a vintage living room. Using classic style furniture achieves the overall effect. Even if you don't find the perfect antique pieces, you can always distress any wood furniture you like to achieve that vintage look. However,don't get carried away with stuffing your living room with old furniture, you only need a few key pieces to set the tone.

Another excellent way to transform your living room giving it the ultimate vintage vibe is through appropriate accessories. As with the furniture, you can find great accessories from your local thrift shop, just add a little 'TLC' and they will fit in perfectly with your furniture. A few examples of great accessories are, older books for your library, old oil lanterns on the end tables, steel antique fans, and vintage record players are excellent choices. With the artwork, it is not a good idea to clutter the walls. Artwork and photo frames of different sizes is recommended. When it comes to displaying these items, you may place the artwork against the wall, or, if hanging, do so at different levels.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that your living room cannot achieve the ultimate vintage look without applying the appropriate colors. A neutral color palette is the most preferred to achieve the best vintage vibe. Accenting your neutral palette with an ultra pure white paint for the ceiling is another good idea. Using aged gold for your metal accessories is another good tip, although if you prefer silver, that works too, just make sure it looks aged. With this in place the living room is set for the ultimate vintage look.

It is not as hard as you would think it would be to create a vintage feel for your living room. Just keep these few tips in mind, along with your own creative touch, and you'll achieve the perfect look for your living space.For more about home interior service Go to this website.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Why Bohemian Interior Design Is Back In Fashion

Bohemian interior design provides authenticity and uniqueness for a price that makes IKEA look like Harrods. Whether it’s the economic downturn or an anti-conformist attitude, bohemian interior design is back in fashion. The term bohemian was first used in the 1800s to describe travellers or gypsies from Eastern Europe (not orange Barbie dolls as Channel 4 would have you believe).
The untraditional Bohemian lifestyle was considered as being non-conformist to social and political views. The fashionable bohemian style was largely influenced by the hippy movement in the late 1960s carrying the same anti-establishment views against mainstream propaganda. Although it is now seen as a mix of fashion with an ‘anything goes’ approach, the style can be very difficult to create within interior design.
Introducing Bohemian Design into Your Home
With bohemian design there are no rules; you can mix old and new, clash colours and contrast patterns. In other words, it’s easy to create the design but very hard to make it look good. This is the great thing about bohemian interior design compared to traditional designs; you can really get your creative juices flowing!
Don’t assume that you can just throw any old pieces of furniture together or simply hang a rug from a wall. While being an unconventional almost random look, the bohemian design simultaneously needs some consistency to create a theme – it’s relaxed and ‘mish mash’, but not quite so eclectic and quirky as it might appear at first glance.
Dig around your attic or ask a parent for antiques, dated decorations and furniture that will create an authentic look. It is important to not leave any part of your interior design bare or basic, so keep your decor busy and random (without getting too carried away).
Let your artistic side loose and express your personality throughout the design. Choose furniture with a bit of history and meaning behind it that may tell a story, such as your great granddad’s rocking chair or a sofa full of fond memories. Bohemian design is often associated with the Moroccan style and can be created by using a variety of textiles on sofas, rugs, walls and chairs to be topped off with a cacophony of cushions.
It’s very effective in creating a relaxing ambiance and tranquillity in style which is why, in my opinion, it is becoming increasingly popular in today’s ever-more-hectic lifestyles!
Back in Fashion?
Bohemian interior design is on the rise with an increase of people looking to be different and stamp their individuality on their homes. Fashion always looks to recycle the old and make it new and trendy, seemingly opting for the unconventional look. The uniqueness that the bohemian design provides gives people a great amount of creativity with endless options in design that can produce a nostalgic feel, rather than the standardised, ‘cold’ modern design so often found on the pages of interior design magazines.
Do you think bohemian interior design is the new blue? Or just an excuse to have tacky furniture?
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